Our PVC entry doors are build of 85 mm ALUPLAST Ideal 7000 (Germany) 6 chambers vinyl profile (steel reinforced) with German multi-point locking system WINKHAUS or G-U providing superior strength and impact resistance. Thickness of the door panel is from 45 mm up to 51 mm".
You can have solid or full glass door without compromising security and privacy. Our double-laminated door glass is similar in strength to a car windshield; so it may crack but it will not shatter. Our door glass is available in various strength levels (up to bullet-proof), but even our most basic models with 6 mm laminated glass on the exterior and 4mm tempered glass on the interior surfaces of the door are resistant to multiple hammer strikes. Multi-point locking systems also include a high security deadbolt with class C keyed cylinders and 3D shape key (no chance to replicate it or use bump-key).
Our break-in resistant entrance door systems, with their European multi-point locking system, have the highest level of security with each and every door combined with incomparable design. All other door systems try to compare, but seldom do.
Custom Design
PVC doors are custom made to accommodate any application. They are available with a wide arrangement of optional TDL (Trough Divided Lights) between or SDL (Simulated Divided Lights) on the glass. You can also have optional composite decorative door panels integrated into the door sash. We have big choice of custom made glass designs (stained glass, back-painting, sandblasting, digital printing). Why limit yourself to a door that everyone else can choose from?


PVC entrance doors offer a wide range of designs, decors and accessories, so they fit perfectly into any house. 
In addition, they are affordable, easy to maintain and offer good durability and thermal insulation properties. It just depends on what type of entrance door you choose.

PVC entrance doors with composite panels filling are solid, stable and well resistant to heat and harsh weather. Choose from a wide range of colors and decors. Just select one from models below. Composite panels are available in wood grain and smooth finish.

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