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We offer energy efficient steel doors. With the new generation of door glass offered with Low-E coating and Argon gas our steel doors are high energy efficient and meet all requirements of Energy Star qualification for A, B and C climate zones in Canada.
Insulated steel doors can blend into just almost any architectural style. They can accommodate any number of decorative windows. Their rigidity, longevity, air tightness and ease of maintenance make them a good choice.

Stronger than wood, they also carry an added dimension of home security. In addition, steel doors yield impressive insulation value at relatively low cost. Steel doors are made of pressure-injected polyurethane foam sandwiched between two sheets of heavy-gauge, galvanized steel. The foam provides strength, bonds to the steel and, in terms of insulation, standard 1 3/4 in. doors rate an R16 everywhere, except in glassed-in and etched areas. The doors can be embossed for texture and are often finished with a vinyl or baked polyester coating. Large glassed-in areas are very popular despite their poor energy efficiency. On the positive side, they do stop outside air from penetrating indoors.
Steel doors are delivered in solid PVC or composite maintenance free frames, which should be as deep as possible, consistent with the thickness of the wall into which the door must fit. Standard frames for retail market are 4 9/16 ", we supply 6 5/8". deep.  Bear in mind that we can make frames to suit every need.
Steel doors allow the use of magnetic weather stripping at the top and around the lock. That makes them unusually airtight. Flexible weather stripping can be used around the hinges, while the bottom of the door typically has an interlocking threshold. On the maintenance side, they can be repainted, although it’s hard to bring them back to the quality level of a factory-installed baked enamel or vinyl finish. If you plan to do it yourself, make sure to determine the kind of material that was used for the final coat, so that you can use the same.

One thing shared by all door types is their potential to be used as decorative elements that can be arranged to harmonize with the architecture, colours and materials employed on the rest of the house. Since they’re usually manufactured according to professional measurements and specifications, provided by our professional installers. We can create custom door system. Just ask us to take care about your doors.

Glass Inserts
Etched, painted, stained reminiscent of church windows or wrought iron glass inserts is probably the most exciting and decorative feature that can be added to certain models. It provides the touch of elegance that makes a door unique and inviting. Consider adding glassed sidelites and a transom to frame the door itself. The effect is stunning and, on a front door, will make it the main feature that draws the eye to the front of the house.
The glass, also called a lite, in steel doors, in fact in all doors, does decrease the door’s energy efficiency, but you can opt for sealed, double or triple glass pane configurations that ease the problem. The edges are double-sealed and the glass can be covered with an invisible coating that decreases heat flow. The caming is the metal frame, usually brass or brushed nickel that holds the decorative glass. It is itself a decorative feature and can be ordered in various colors and styles.

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