Wood grain fiberglass doors deliver everything you love about wood doors - the character, the warmth and the beauty - all with little to no maintenance.
So you can create more inviting home and get more time to enjoy it. Fiberglass – This material features both the feel and look of genuine wood, right down to the knots and cracks, with less upkeep. In fact, these doors are built to consistently withstand the rigors of Canadian climate.
Our fiberglass doors are proudly Canadian - made in Canada, made for Canada.


There are a number of features to consider with any exterior door choice. And depending on which are most important to you can affect your decision.
Security - When it comes to security, all three materials (wood, steel, fiberglass) are acceptable. Regardless of which door you choose, you want to make sure it fits tightly into the frame and is fitted with secure, high quality door locks. We provide G-U Multipoint locks for all fiberglass doors. Not only will these features give you security, they’ll also help prevent drafts and reduce heating costs.
Glass - You can find exterior doors with glass panels of full view, 3/4 view, half view, 1/4 view, with one sidelight or two, even transoms. There’s clear glass, textured glass, tinted glass and decorative glass. We could name them all here, but that would take a while.
Swing - Doors are available as in-swing or out-swing models. Most homes are built to accommodate in-swing doors. However, your exterior door can be designed to swing outward if you prefer, or if your home design requires it.
Hinges - Hinges can be located on either the right-hand or left-hand side of the door. You can always have a door created to meet your specific needs. We use stainless steel ball bearing hinges for all our doors to assure life-time performance with no maintenance.
If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any exterior door questions you may have.


The polyurethane core provides insulating properties that are six times greater than any wood door. In addition, our formula is free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC, the substance partially responsible for the destruction of our precious ozone layer).
Door Skin

Door skins are made of a high impact, compression molded, fiberglass; in addition to being corrosion free, it also resists warping, splits, bowing and cracking.
Strength and Durability

Manufacturers have developed high quality PVC stiles and rails. The PVC stiles and rails protect all sides of the door from moisture. Unlike wood stiles and rails, PVC stiles and rails do not bow or rot. Furthermore, the PVC stiles and rails provide a full thermal break against even the worst weather conditions.
Fiberglass Mastergrain Entry Doors. Made in Canada (Ontario)

Our high-performance fiberglass doors are engineered to provide maximum durability and protection. They resist warping, splitting, and cracking. Our doors will not rust or dent. The square-edge stiles provide excellent stability for harsh weather climate. Each door comes with reinforced lock block to support your hardware, providing strength and security. MasterGrain doors produced by Weber Manufacturing Technologies Inc., are a premium line of Fiberglass Entry Door Slabs and Sidelites with matched Fiberglass Door Lite Frames. Patented “Weber Grain Technology” leads the fiberglass door industry with the look and feel of a real wood, offered in Mahogany, Oak, Cherry and Fir grains. Compare this and our high quality construction to any fiberglass door and you will see “The Difference is in the Details”. Weber Grain Technologies is a patented process that authentically replicates any natural surface. The door process begins by hand selecting the most desirable wood pieces to build a real wood door. A silicone casting accurately picks up the finest details of the wood grain and is transferred into a door mold using our Nickel Vapor Deposition Technology. The mold produces fiberglass skins used on MasterGrain doors with random grain depths and all the natural characteristics of real wood making our doors virtually indistinguishable to real wood doors.Hand crafted from the finest wood grains and authentically replicated into a beautiful door molded in fiberglass. Weber Grain Technology produces tooling for the door industry with the look and feel of a handcrafted natural wood door.

Bonnie from Thornhill Feb 17, 2014,

I chose this company for my new front door based on previous Homestars reviews and let me tell you that the reviews were spot on! Alex was professional and knowledgeable and took the time to explain the different product options. The time for delivery was exactly as Alex stated. Denis and Claude did the installation and these 2 guys were friendly, professional and did a fantastic job. Best of all, I am loving my new front door!!! A beautiful high quality product and worth every penny! would highly recommend this company!!!






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