Wood grain fiberglass doors deliver everything you love about wood doors - the character, the warmth and the beauty - all with low maintenance. So you can create more inviting home and get more time to enjoy it.

MASTERGRAIN fiberglass doors give you both the feel and look of genuine wood, right down to the knots and cracks, with less upkeep. In fact, these doors are built to consistently withstand the rigors of Canadian climate. 
Our fiberglass doors are proudly Canadian - made in Canada, made for Canada.



Modern Entry Doors - VIKKING


VIKKING COMPOSITE DOORS means outstanding resistance to extreme weather conditions, decades-long durability, almost unlimited choice of designs, colors, stained glass windows and hardware.

  • Heat loss protection factor  - (U-factor) from 0,63 W/m2K.
  • patented technologies of pasting of stained-glass units,
  • decoration and painting of the doors in real wood look RW (precious wood),
  • 45 to 68 mm thick composite sash with (5-6)-chamber 70- 85 mm uPVC or Meranti wood door frame,
  • many types of multi-locks, keypad, Bluetooth or fingers scan access systems.

VIKKING - is a guarantee of the highest quality of your exterior door for decades. VIKKING doors are unrivaled in the segment of exterior doors for Canadian climate.

Mastergrain doors

Insulated steel doors can blend into just almost any architectural style. They can accommodate any number of decorative windows. Their rigidity, longevity, air tightness and ease of maintenance make them a good choice.
Stronger than wood, they also carry an added dimension of home security. In addition, steel doors yield impressive insulation value at relatively low cost. Steel doors are made of pressure-injected polyurethane foam sandwiched between two sheets of heavy-gauge, galvanized steel. 

European Tilt & Turn Windows and Doors

Tilt Turn window
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Windows Arctic Ultra are based on German Aluplast Energeto® 8000 PVC profile and use a range of advanced solutions.
What distinguishes Energeto® from a conventional window?
The steel reinforcement inside conventional window frames is the weak point in terms of thermal insulation. As the possibilities to optimize insulation by means of profile depth and number of hollow chambers have already been pushed to the limit, an alternative to the steel reinforcement needed to be found. With the Aluplast technologies "bonding inside" and "powerdur inside" we developed the perfect solution.

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European Vinyl Entry Doors 
PVC doors are custom made to accommodate any application. They are available with a wide arrangement of optional TDL (Trough Divided Lights) between or SDL (Simulated Divided Lights) on the glass. You can also have optional composite decorative door panels integrated into the door sash. We have big choice of custom made glass designs (stained glass, back-painting, sandblasting, digital printing).
ENTRY DOORS TORONTO Inc. carries on highest quality Canadian and European exterior doors made of composite materials, PVC, fiberglass and steel.
Vikking doors
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The reality in figures:

Every 8 minutes there is a burglary in Greater Toronto Area. The main points of attack for burglars are side, patio (rear), front doors and basement windows. 
Regular steel or wood entrance door with single deadbolt lock is the weakest part of your house because they can be levered up quickly with simple tools or just kicked-in. 
The expert knows: Burglars must operate quickly! When the attempt at forced entry becomes more complicated than planned, burglars give up and look for another place to break-in.

Our PVC entry doors are build of ALUPLAST (Germany) 6 chambers vinyl profile (steel reinforced) with multipoint locking system WINKHAUS (Germany), providing superior strength and impact resistance. Thickness of the door slab is from 2 3/4" up to 3 3/8".
You can have solid or full glass door without compromising security and privacy. Our double-laminated door glass is similar in strength to a car windshield; so it may crack but it will not shatter.


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